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Myths & Old Wives Tales

Myth - Prune back the limbs on a newly planted tree to encourage root growth.
Fact - The truth is just the opposite. In order for roots to grow a tree needs all its leaves. Unless there are broken or crossed and rubbing limbs, leave your new tree alone until it becomes established in its new home. The best thing for your new tree is to water it regularly.

Myth - When you cut off a tree limb the wound should be painted to help it heal.
Fact - It has long been proven that pruning paints have no beneficial effect on the closure of wounds after pruning limbs. Some pruning paints actually increase the likelihood of decay beneath them. The creation of pruning paints was mankind’s effort to put a bandaid on an injury. Trees are smarter than that!

Myth - If I need to cut a few tree roots to replace a bulging sidewalk, the tree will be fine. I’m only cutting a couple of roots. It has plenty others.
Fact - Each and every root, regardless of size, performs some function for the tree. Caution must be exercised in determining what size roots are safe to prune without jeopardizing the stability or hydration of the tree.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!
Notes we have received from customers

It was a pleasure dealing with your company & its employees - Prompt, courteous service. (Hard to find these days.)
Thanks again, Dennis, Ocean City

Thank you for a great job. Didn’t know you were here til I looked up and saw the branches missing. Great cleanup job - Which is why I keep calling you back.
Thanks again, Kathy, Egg Harbor City

Thanks so much! I never dreamed I’d ever have to take down that wonderful Dawn Redwood. The lightning strike decided that for me. Your professionalism, spirit and willingness to help me out at the end of a busy day for you really turned that sad day around for me. I still miss that tree and I tell everyone what a great company you have. Thanks, Marge, Cape May

Just a note to commend the work that was done. I really appreciate that my trellis was left intact. I don’t know how the workmen worked around it, but I appreciate all the professionalism of your company. I have already recommended you to several people.
Thanks again, Carole, Pleasantville

All the reports I’ve heard over the past few months about the quality of your service is certainly true! If I hadn’t been home last Thursday I never would have known they were here - the property was immaculate. I guess eventually I would have noticed that some of the trees were missing. I got a big kick out of “Monkey” Shawn scaling the trees in my yard. Please give my thanks again to Shawn and his crew for a job well done. Sincerely, Irene, Cape May Court House

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